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You Have The Power To Decide who To Make Your Lives Better...Assin Central Aspiring PC.

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 You Have The Power To Decide who To Make Your Lives Better...Assin Central Aspiring PC.


  You Have The Power To Decide who To Make Your Lives Better...Assin Central Aspiring PC.


A United State  (U.S) based business man Mr. Eric Baidoo popularly known as "Brother has picked nomination to Hon. Kennedy Agyapong in the upcoming NPP Parliamentary primaries.

Mr. Eric Baidoo is a U.S based business man and an indigene of Assin Fosu has vow to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong.

Mr Baidoo, is the second person to have picked a nomination form to contest in the forthcoming parliamentary primaries in the Assin Central constituency.

According to Mr. Eric Baidoo Assin central constituency is lagging behind in terms of development. He categorically stated that, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, 20 years as MP for the area is enough, and fresh brains needed to steer the affairs of the constituency. Therefore he is fully prepared to help put the people of Assin Central on the right path to achieve success if given the nod.

In an exclusive interview, he expressed his appreciation for being welcomed by His Constituents.  I'm honored by this invitation. As you all know I'm very approachable and willing to engage all for the betterment of Assin Central even those who support other candidates are welcome. We're all one family.

I'm very saddened by the state of affairs of my brothers and sisters and that's my only motivation for wanting to help.

Please feel free to express yourself. You have the power to decide who will make your lives better. And be sure to demand so of your leaders. If we don't perform to your satisfaction, raise your hand, speak up, let your voice be heard. Do not be afraid! Assin Central belongs to all of us. If something isn't going right do not be quiet. Rise up and speak up and be heard!!!

My brothers at Assin Central need help. I will not have all the fish in the world to feed everyone. But together we can all teach ourselves how to fish. So we can go out and earn a living for ourselves. Adidi daaa yɛ kyɛn adidi prɛko.

I don't think what dignified Assin people want is a hand down. They only need someone to give them a helping hand *up* so they can stand on their own 2 feet. Wake up in the morning, bath, dress up and tell your family I'm going to work just like anyone would. This is what we all need. This is what's in my heart to help our brothers and sisters with. Let us all join hands and make a change for the better. Do not be bystanders. Let's all get involved. Only you can make a change and you can only do that when you get involved, He said.

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