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2017 U-17 Equipment Officer Cries For Help

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2017 U-17 Equipment Officer Cries For Help

2017 U-17 Equipment Officer Cries For Help

Ghana's Under 17 (U-17) equipment officer Mr. Abdul Razak who had an accident on his way to send Jersey to players during the U-17  AFCON which was held in Gabon the year 2017 is crying bitterly to the Ghana Football Authorities (GFA) to as a matter of urgency come to his aid financially.

In an exclusive interview with Roger Emmanuel of Greater Accra based radio station power fm, Razak Abdul disclosed that Ghana u-17 played two qualification matches.
Ghana vs Burkina Faso, home and away, so two games which we won both to qualify.

Bonus per game was $3000 hence the two matches amounted to $6000 for each member of the team.

Ghana qualified in September and general election was held in December which NPP won.

perhaps, on 24th August 2017, deputy sports minister Hon. Pius Enam Hadzide called a meeting with the Technical and Management Team lead by Lawyer Kweku Ayiah, where the deputy minister told them that it was NDC who qualified them so they should go to NDC and not NPP so they can't pay the qualification bonus. 

So players, technical and Management team are still not received their bonuses.

This was said in the presence of Lawyer Kweku Ayiah, Alhaji Abu Sodonko and Abdul Salam  (sabato). So according to the loop Sabato, asked if the team played in the name of NDC or Ghana, but the minister said the instructions were given him from above.

According to Jacob Abdul salam Yakubu  sabato, he has been nursing his accident injury since 2017 up till now but nothing happened, he can't even work but the youth and  sports ministry and Ghana football association has turned deaf ears to the matter.

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