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Fake Pastor Arrested For Defrauding Two People ¢19,300

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Fake Pastor Arrested For Defrauding Two People ¢19,300

Twifo Praso in the Twifo Atti-Morkwa district of the central region, District magistrate Court presided over by His Lordship Mark Diboro has sentenced a 30year old self acclaimed man of God prophet George opoku Gyemfi to two years imprisonment for allegedly defrauding two individuals, Mr. Isaac Kwaku Prah from Twifo Praso with ¢8,300.00 and one Mr. Peter Adjei Ahenkain from Twifo Manpong with ¢11,000.00 totalling ¢19,300.00.

George Opoku Gyemfi who claimed to be the head pastor of "true Vine Chapel International" at New Edubease in the Adanse South district of the Ashanti Region has engaged himself in gold digging business, according to the prosecutor According to the police proscutor D/S   Joshua Kusa, this prophet defrauded these two individuals with the motive of uprooting/digging an acient bottle. He claimed He use to dig gold bars and ancient bottles for people.

Hence the two individuals believed him and they agreed to have a business deal with him, that is where he developed the opportunity and he started extorting money from them.

In an exclusive interview with Twifo Praso based radio sweet fm's News team with one of the victims, Mr. Peter Adjei Ahenkain, He said, my son introduced this pastor to me that he is very good and powerful and for that matter he can come and dig the ancient bottle on my land that I frequently talk about.

So I quickly get in touch with him thinking he can really help me get the ancient bottle since hes a man of God, this guy called me one midnight around 12:30am that he is coming to dig the thing for me, not knowing this so called prophet came with an ordinary schnapps bottles in his sack.

Mr. Peter disclosed that, prophet dig the the ground about Two feet and asked us to turn back and we followed his command and to my surprise, I heard a sound of a bottle but he told us not to look back until he ask us to do so.

after a few seconds, he told us to watch him, and upon looking back, we saw that he has raped something like bottle in a white polyester and he kept it in an ice chest we were holding and Cautioned us not to unveil or open it until we are told to do so.

He ordered us to be pouring certain anointing oil on it for three days which cost ¢7,000 after there then, we take it to Accra for buyers to buy. We got to know it was an ordinary schnap bottle when he kept tossing us the day to send it to the buyers.

In conclusion, the self acclaimed pastor was later reported to the police which called for his arrest at Takoradi and brought before Twifo Praso district magistrate Court and he accepted guilty and was asked to be sentence in two years imprisonment.

story filed by: Odiasempa Kwaku Ahiaku.
Sweet fm, Twifo Praso-C/R

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