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Today marks exactly 28 years ago when some gallant men and women, young and old, under the leadership of HE Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings , founded the National Democratic Congress (NDC) which came as the curator of an ever stable Republic in Ghana and a torch bearer of democracy in the Africa region. 

The NDC, a social democratic party, can boast of spearheading unprecedented infrastructural and Human development projects in the history of Ghana. The fortunes of the great NDC are with the ordinary and the everyday Ghanaian people; the traders, farmers, fishermen, fishmongers, market women and men,etc. Our commitment to placing lives over politics is in the known to all and sundry; we believe in making the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian a better one and making available -free and fair- distribution of resources to all and sundry not just a selected few.This is a party for the people. 

We, the Leadership, Members and Sympathisers of the NDC, are very much grateful to the Cadres who acted as the midwives to birth the NDC across the nation, we're forever grateful.

For us in ADA, we're very grateful to some notable Cadres, both dead and alive, who have gone beyond the odds to plant our feet, for which today, we can boast of the ADA CONSTITUENCY as NDC's stronghold. Their efforts and commitment to party work has yielded unprecedented human and Infrastructural development in ADA. We're grateful. 

Our 28years anniversary celebration should foster unto us the need to close all ranks and unite for a resounding victory. It's only in human institutions that mishaps do occur, and as such, if there has been any action by Leadership, Members or Sympathisers of the NDC that led to the breakaway from the NDC tradition, we're using this celebration to call on you, our brothers and sisters who suffered these mishaps, to let go off the past and come back home so that, together, we can work and capture power for HE John Dramani Mahama and all parliamentary candidates of the great NDC.

Let us not forget that we have a future with the NDC and we cannot help to destroy it before it gets to our turn. JJ Rawlings and Prof John Evans Atta-Mills came to play their part and now it's the turn of John Dramani Mahama. John Dramani Mahama will go but the NDC will remain, the next leader can be you, your parent,  your child, your friend or an adviser to the leader that'll emerge. Let us protect the NDC tradition and come out in our numbers to work towards our resounding victory. Victory beckons. 


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