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Disgraceful As Minority Walks Out Of Parliament; Boycott SONA 2020 To Hold Press Conference

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Disgraced As Minority Walks Out Of Parliament; Boycott SONA 2020

Disgraced As Minority Walks Out Of Parliament; Boycott SONA 2020 To Hold Press Conference


The minority members of the parliament of Ghana walks out of parliament before the address of the President.

The president of Ghana Nana Akuffo-Addo is to address the nation on the achievement of the party and what it hopes to achieve in the future for the country.


Unfortunately, members of the minority who were all dressed in black attire kept reciting the latter part of the national anthem “and help us to resist oppressors rule” continuously and walked out from the parliament.


This has never happened in the history of the Republic of the Ghana. Some citizens have reacted to the act of the minority describing it as childish.

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