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Man Stoned To Death For Stealing Cashews.

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Man Stoned To Death For Stealing  Cashews


      Man Stoned To Death For Stealing Cashews.


A young man in his early twenties identified as Gyamfi Kwaku Aaron alias ‘China’ met his untimely death after he was given one hell of a beating for allegedly stealing cashew. 

I a video obtained by that is sure to make one cringe, the deceased was severely assaulted with sticks, rubber tubes, kicked in every part of the body mercilessly, and not even his pleas for clemency could touch the hearts of his accusers. At a point during the torture, as he laid on the ground writhing in pain, one of the assailants had his feet directly and strategically placed across the deceased’s neck; thus blocking his air passage. The unfortunate incident happened at Debibi, a farming community in the Bono Region – Peace FM’s correspondent, Akroma Deefour reported. China’s murder was initially swept under the rug by the divisional and district police until the extensive reportage filed by Akroma Deefour prompted the Bono Region Police Command to hunt for the killers. “Some persons have been picked up by the police to help in investigation,” the Police PRO in the region, Augustine Kinsley Oppong confirmed to Peace FM’s reporter. The police service however commended Akroma Deefour’s role in aiding them with vital information about the gruesome murder of ‘China’. “Others must learn from Akroma Deefour and provide the police with information on such crimes,” Augustine Kinsley Oppong urged Source:

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