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PPP Commits To The COVID 19 Fight In Assin North 

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PPP Commits To The COVID 19 Fight In Assin North 

PPP Commits To The COVID 19 Fight In Assin North .


 Progressive People's Party in Assin North Constituency of the central region has embarked on Sensitization of the use of Nose marks in the fight against the pandemic. The party donated over 500 locally made nose marks to Hospitals, Police stations, farmers and individuals costing over 2,500.00.

The individuals still have every reason to worry and be serious with the disease even if the increasing infected cases is as a result of aggressive testing, since the testing are done locally, it means that we have more infected people who are still living with us but has not been tested to know. Said Mr. Adam, the Constituency Communication Director.

According to Mr. Manu, the 2016 Parliamentary candidate of the Party, the increasing figure is a real threat to everything and we must not only rely on science but must depend on God and take the preventive measures serious. 

"Ideally, making the nose masks wearing compulsory is in right direction and must applaud the authorities for that.

We will again suggest to the government to also put the Farmers on their agenda in the fight against the pandemic to help ensure availability of food to save the Country from Hunger Virus which is same dangerous as the COVID 19" Mr Manu.

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