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It Will Be Harmful If We Don't Vote Out NPP And NDC....Dr. Ayariga Vows

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It Will Be Harmful If We Don't Vote Out NPP And NDC....Dr. Ayariga Vows

It Will Be Harmful If We Don't Vote Out NDC And NPP.....Dr. Ayariga Vows


The founder and leader of the  All People's Congress (APC), Dr Hassan Ayariga has categorically stated that it will be very dangerous and harmful to Vote for either NPP or NDC in 2020 general elections. 

Addressing the executive members of the party in the central region in a town hall meeting, Mr Ayariga said the leaderships of both NDC and NPP are very wicked Heartless people hence Ghanaians must be vigilant by avoiding to Vote for any of them but rather vote for APC party led by Dr Hassan Ayariga. 

NPP and NDC have ruined the life of Ghanaians and Ghanaians must not accept any gift just to buy your conscience. Prior to this year’s elections, there will be people who will come in the name of these “life-ruining parties.

If your husband has maltreated you for many years and just for his visitors he buys you the finest thing you can think of in the world just to win your heart to serve his visitors well, you must rethink. , NPP and NDC” asking you to vote for them. They will sometimes entice you with gifts knowing that you actually need them. But I bet you that you can live without those gifts. Accept those gifts and ruin your life and that of other centuries.

Remember what happened! You can show to NPP and NDC that you have a fundamental right to choose good fortune for mother Ghana. You have to do this by voting for All People's Congress (APC) because they have the men with visionary leadership  to bring something better to Ghana. 

You will regret it as it is part of those who always make the wrong choice of voting for headless people. After all what will they offer you? Hardship with no retirement!, corruption and bad leadership. Ghana can be better again if we begin to choose well.

If you’re a Ghanaian and you’re tired of the situation you find yourself in then dump NPP and NDC in the bin and try APC.

 In fact, APC believes in All inclusive government, as for NPP and NDC, they are HAZARDOUS than acid they are wolf's if we try to bring any of them back, they will definitely tears us apart.“Drop the yam! NPP and NDC!”

Mr Hassan Ayariga say "when you are having two phones and both phones spoiled, you don't go back to any of the spoiled phones you have to change them for different phone, so when NDC and NPP failed you change them, you don't go back to them, change them put them away do not look as if they are the only two parties in Ghana" 


story filed by: Odiasempa Kwaku Ahiaku.
sweet fm, Twifo Praso -C/R.

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