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Effective Living Series: Patrick Otieku-Boadu’s 6 necessities for success

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A Neo Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and President of Spearhead Consult, Patrick Otieku-Boadu is of the view that the right set of behaviour by an individual is a panacea to consolidate their real successes.

Speaking on day two of Citi FM’s Effective Living Series on the theme, Change your beliefs, Change your level of success, Mr. Otieku-Boadu said although success is an outcome and objective that one wants to reach, it is also subjective and differs from person to person.

However, according to him, in order to truly achieve success, there are certain requirements that a person must attain. He termed these the ‘Six Needs of Humans’.Find the six needs below:

Every human being needs certainty: “This certainty means the need for stability and comfort. If you violate your need to be stable, you cannot be happy. You will have negative emotions and the feeling you have will be negative. But if your feeling of certainty is met, then you are going to have positive emotions.”
Every human being needs variety: “Human beings need choice. They will not be happy when their choices are taken away from them. They will only be happy when they get things of their choice.”
Every human being needs love and connection: “Everyone has to be shown love and affection. That is the one way the will be happy. Where there is no such love and connection, there is always sadness.”
Every human being needs to feel significant. “The way you speak to others is an important need. If you speak to people in a manner that runs them down, it will make them unhappy and insignificant.”
Every human being needs growth: “Everything you do or give should be done with the idea of growth and development.”
Every human being needs to feel he or she is contributing: “You must feel that you are contributing to your society, family among others. If the ability for you to contribute is taken away, then you will have negative emotions.”

Citi FM’s Effective Living SeriesThe Effective Living Series airs from 9: 00am to 10: 00am on the Citi Breakfast Show from Monday to Friday throughout the month of January.

It seeks to empower people to be effective throughout the year in every aspect of their lives.

By: Nii Larte Lartey:| Ghana|

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