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16-Year Old Boy Drowns In River Pra At Twifo Praso

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16 Year Old Boy Drowns In River Pra At Twifo Praso

16-Year Old Boy Drowns In River Pra At Twifo Praso.

Some residents of Twifo Praso in the Twifo Atti-Morkwa district of the central Region on Saturday 22/02/2020 wept uncontrollably when a  sixteen(16)year-old boy got drowned in the Pra River around 12:00pm, not too far from where NDC held their recent press conference.

The deceased Michael Gaddah allegedly slipped and fell into a deep portion of the River while swimming with some friends. 

Report gathered by sweet fm News team indicates that, Michael left home in the morning for extra classes but after he closed, he didn't go home but accompanied his friends into the river to have some fun but unfortunately he slipped into a sharp moving portion of the river and couldn't survive.

His colleagues after realizing Michael has been drown, they rushed to their homes to inform their parents, the information quickly reached the District Superintendent of Police (DSP) Charles Addai Boateng hence he called his men to organize to the scene. Upon arriving at the scene, school bag with boss, footwears, mobile phone and Ghana National Identification card bearing the name " Michael Gaddah" was retrieved

He said the police went to the scene and conveyed the body to the Twifo Praso Government hospital for preservation and autopsy. 

Even though there were no marks on the body, the police have begun investigations into the incident, he explained.

photos attached.


Story filed by:  Odiasemp Kwaku Ahiaku.

Sweet fm, Twifo Praso

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Awwwww, this is sad. But the story doesn't seem to add up, police must crak this

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